Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider
Biker Dope™ Western Rider

Biker Dope™ Western Rider

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Ride it like the cowboy that you are

What makes Western Rider different from any other fringe suede jacket on the market? It's made for bikers, so it comes standard with a front zipper (because buttons are powerless against the wind's fury) plus it has a CE armor option for elbow and shoulder protection.

But this shouldn't be your first choice for a riding jacket. The leather is thinner than our other, track-ready jackets. Plus the fringes can get caught in stuff and be a pain in the ass.

But you'll look like a rockstar. Which'll make you feel like one. Just be ready to field a ton a "where'd you get that cool jacket" questions.

All Biker Dope jackets have a hidden pocket with an emergency credit card knife.

• Genuine suede
CE Approved armor in all the right places.
• Water resistant, plus fringes wick away water
• Your choice:
     - 20 colors of suede (which may get you 50 shades of grey)
     - jagged edged bottom (or make a custom request for a straight edge).


Please leave us a note during checkout with your measurements for a perfect fit (see chart below).

If your color isn't shown as an ordering option, refer to our suede color chart and leave us a note with your preferred color during checkout. Our model here is rocking Taupe.

Note the unique jagged edge design of the jacket's bottom. If you prefer the bottom to be cut in a conventional, straight design, let us know about that during checkout too.

Or just email us with any info and include your order number and name.


This stylish jacket is made of supple suede. Are you trading in protection for lightness, comfort and style? Yes you are.

While the CE-approved armor will go a long way towards protecting you, supple suede does not offer as much abrasion resistance as thick cowhide. 

If you're looking for thick leather with track-level protection (ahem, squids), then you'll want to check out Biker Dope's Lone Wolf jacket.

Delivery: 1-2 weeks

p.s. if the jacket looks too big for our model, Michelle Montorsi, it's because she's wearing yours.



All Biker Dope jackets and riding shirts come with CE Approved armor for all the right places. We're eating the cost, but we prefer our customers alive and in one piece.  If you don't like it just don't install the armor until you need it.


All Biker Dope jackets come with an emergency credit card knife. It is razor sharp. Don’t be a dumbass. Please exercise caution when opening and handling.

Better yet, watch this tutorial


Fun fact: This jacket was featured in the indy horror film series Untitled Anthology, pictured here on set worn by actress Phyllicia Saltzgaber (release, 2020).