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A Digital Smartwatch with Swagger


Bond your comms with this waterproof, rugged, digital smartwatch with oodles of functions including:

Calls; messages; commands; ECG, oxygen and blood pressure readings; pedometer and exercise monitors; sleep monitor; bluetooth music; camera, move your ass (sedentary) reminder; lost watch or phone finder etc ... all the functions you'd expect of an A-game smartwatch (IOS + Android compatible).

What we like most? A high precision gravity sensor to accurately measure your activities. A two-day battery life on low-consumption mode. A lightning fast processor. And a choice of metal or leather straps.


Supercar Watch


Look like you just stepped out of a supercar's suicide doors after a 007 car chase (even if your broke ass can't afford a Yugo). It doesn't get any faster than our supercar rim replica watch, replete with ceramic brake pad.

Stainless steel and shockproof for your lifestyle. Stylish for your swagger. Water resistant for when things get wet. Swiss quartz movement, stainless steel casing and band, water resistant to 3Bar, and shock resistant.

Bond would rock the shit outta this watch


Badass like A Bond


Rechargeable Watch Lighter


Light your smoke Bond-style.

This badass rechargeable usb wrist watch doubles as a secret lighter.

It's a survival tool, a smoker's failsafe, and a great conversation-starter, resulting in 9,999 friendships, 999 babies and 99 problems created (but a bitch ain't one). Plus it'll come in handy at birthday parties, firework discharges and book burnings.

To use the lighter, just slide the watch open. It's a fully functional watch, so you can also time street racing trials, your wife's contractions, or how long it takes for someone to realize "holy fuck that dude's lighting up with his watch! He must be a secret agent".


Self-Winding Aviator's Watch


A standard, mechanical, self-winding chronograph. Classic and badass like the Bond in us.

Three chronograph dials, water resistant to 3 bars, luminescent dials, in a stainless steel casing. Bond would agree there's something classic and elegant about a mechanical, self-winding watch.

Like a suicide clutch. Except for telling time.

Gadget much?




Chronograph Studded Leather Cuff Watch


If Bond were to biker rock 'n roll it as part of his mission, he'd rock the shitoutta this one.

A hand-crafted cuff made of vegetable tanned leather, which is used for high-end leather goods.

Handmade by a master craftsman in the USA, it's hand-tooled and hand-stitched with natural thread. The leather cuff is 2 1/2 inches wide, and closes with a heavy duty buckle. It includes a mechanical watch with a second timer, which is removable and interchangeable with other watches.

The coolest part is the transparent face - get mesmerized by the moving gears of its precise Japanese movement. 'Cause you know Bond be like 'look into my watch' and then karate chop their asses.


Classic Military Aviator Watches


Was 007 a military man? You bet your Walther PPK he was. He was a Commander in the Royal Navy before entering the British Secret Service. A classic aviator watch like this (yup Bond was a pilot) would be right up his alley.

This rugged, aviator's chronograph is water resistant to 30 ATM, has a genuine leather strap, and comes in six colors and styles.

Most importantly, it's large-sized dial will give you the information you need at a glance, including a 24-hour display, a calendar, and minute and seconds subdials with stopwatch functioning.





Classic Aviator


This durable sport watch follows a timeless classic aviator design. Rock it on your top secret missions, at Q Branch, or whenever. the hell you want.

Versatile, sporty and swag as fuck. Quartz Movement and shock resistant.

We can see Bond rockin' this one.


Man of Action


A water resistant chronograph for swag spies, fly guys and men of action. Why?

Because you have to cope with shocks, rain and all kinds of shit trying to terminate your timepiece. Not with this bad boy. It's water resistant to 30m, and its Japanese quartz movement is guaranteed for 12-months.

It has a calendar plus 3 chronographs for seconds, minutes, and a 24-hour dial. Plus its clean military styling and genuine leather strap will keep you looking swag as fuck.

Shaken, not stirred




Paradise Watch


What's an (albeit striking) girly watch like this doing in our Bond collection? Whether you're Octopussy or Tatiana Romanova, badass bitches need badass time pieces too.

These strikingly beautiful, self-winding watches feature a large 39mm diameter casing, a high bubble crystal glass case, and a vibrant tropical motif. The raised glass creates an optical illusions of movement.

Its many hidden surprises make this one of our favorite women's watches—a comfortable arc-shaped closing mechanism, a winding ball with a rubber ring, a calfskin leather band imported from Italy and patterned in the shape of a crocodile, and highly accurate chronograph movement.

Did we mention an all-stainless steel case, a transparent bottom, and being waterproof to 50m?


Military Watch


It's no surprise this waterproof military-grade multifunction watch made it to our Top 10 Bond list. It's one of our best-selling watches. Why? Because it not only looks dope and has features Q might envy, but it's built to take a beatin' and keep on tickin'.

That's right. Wherever you're deployed--in the jungle, infiltrating enemy HQ, or drinking Martinis by the pool--this rugged Military Watch will help you perform your missions in Bond-like (active mission) style.

Features - back light, alarm, 50M waterproof, shock proof, dual display, water resistant to 5 bars, luminous, multiple time zones, chronograph, repeater, stop watch, auto date, LED display.


Check out this Bond-worthy training video on close-quarter disarms.



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