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We don't advocate for truly harmful drug use, mainstream news, politics or anything else that'll sap you of your soul.
If you need help, you should get it. We've included some resources below.


Dope, meth, crank, heroin, alcohol, coke, pain, fear. money, pussy, dick, sodium, whatever it is you've got an issue with, whatever it is that's killing you, or keeping you from levelling up, there's a solution out there for you.


Think of it as a custom bike—built to your specs—that you can jump on and ride past whatever it is that's holding you back.

Your only job at any given moment is to take a step towards it. That's it. One step.

It could be a little step. It could be a big one. And you know you're gonna take a step anyways, so it might as well be towards that custom ride. All the time reminding yourself that, when you jump on it, you can wheelie past the bullshit while you're flippin the bird and ride on to where you're supposed to go.

Never underestimate the power of a step, because it can change everything.

Whether that step is onto your first motorcycle, into a pool for Olympic gold, away from a cliff, or a triumphant launch onto a summit, your next step will change everything.

It may take a while. Or it may happen in a moment. But it always takes just one step.

So what's a next step you can take?

An intention to love and help yourself, thereby loving and helping those around you.

To trust in the process of your life--no matter how fucked up it may seem at this moment.

To accept where you're at, and know that you've got power over where you're going.

To focus now on your only job, which is taking your next step.

Below are some resources that can help.*

Ass'n of Recovering Motorcyclists

*The Association of Recovering Motorcyclists (ARM) is one of the two charities Biker Dope has chosen to contribute a portion of net sales to. The other charity is Biker Down which both Proud & Free Biker and Biker Dope will be supporting.

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