Who The Fuck Are We?

Founded in 2020, Biker Dope is a brand spankin' new lifestyle portal bringing folks the dopest biker stuff from around the world.

Plus when they're not taking care of Mrs. Claus, our biker elves are designing innovative biker shit in our workshop. 

Custom, outlaw, squid, cruiser, vintage ... it doesn't matter what tribe you're from. To us, bikers, badasses, adventurers and freedom-lovers everywhere are part of one great big Dope family.

Think of us as your personal Indiana Jones—exploring the wilds of the earth to bring you the dopest stuff made and experienced.

Sometimes we gotta outrun giant rolling stones. Sometimes we gotta dust North Korean security forces on wheelies (yeah, we planted a clue in Kim Jong-il's Kumsusan Palace).

And if we can't find something, we make it ourselves. Like motorcycle gloves with fingers that can be temporarily removed (so you can use your fingers without having to take your gloves off).

Or Bullet Pants™ with multifunctions and tools built into their design—basically, a Swiss army knife for bikers that you wear.

Or our badass line of old school-inspired outlaw riding apparel that's already getting dope reviews (Biker Dope).

Most importantly, by buying from us you're supporting the kickass initiatives we're pioneering for all motorcyclists and for you, our Biker Dope Nation

More Than Meets The Eye

Consider this your invitation to your personal moto-adventure, Biker Quest—a groundbreaking, sketchy as fuck, app-driven real-life adventure for motorcyclists.
Our player operatives' motto?:
"Do good, ride everywhere, NFG".

Last Minute Rides

Get text alerts for last minute rides in your area, or host a ride yourself, with this free group sms service. Anonymous, no spam, no bullshit.

We're pioneering a new traffic approach, training badge-carrying motorists to help keep bikers safe

Our flagship startup, Biker Entourage, brings snowflake-proof biker pics and vids, motorcycle manuf updates, custom builds, biker news and stupid fun straight to your screen on the daily.

Stay proud and free my friends. And to our riding brothers and sisters,

Shiny Side Up 🤟

Deme, CEO & Grand Poobah

Shiny Side Up 🤟