Retro Bullet Lighter
Retro Bullet Lighter

Retro Bullet Lighter

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Load and fire

This Retro Bullet Lighter will bring you back to a more idyllic time (you know like WWII). Plus its dependable windproof wick (and lighter fluid) will assure you can light up whether you're braving a storm or smashing through Nazi planes.


There's no doubt about it...

A biker (or anyone who spends time outdoors) needs a good windproof lighter. And there are really only four ways to go about it:

☠️ Wick & lighter fluid (like a Zippo)

☠️ Butane torch lighters

☠️ Arc (Frankenlighters)

☠️ Heating coil

We got you covered with the dopest lighters in all four categories (links above).

Attention Darwin Award candidates:
for safety reasons, all lighters are shipped without butane

Delivery: 2-4 weeks

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