Biker Quest
Biker Quest
Biker Quest
Biker Quest

Biker Quest

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A badass, year-long adventure ride for bikers, played in the real world using an app

(but it's actually free)


Now back to our regularly-scheduled Вiкёр Пropaganдa


So WTF is Biker Quest?

It's what you get when you mashup bikers ​with no holds barred ​legend tripping, poker runs on steroids, and dope ​immersive experiences. Find out by joining our fight against the forces of eviel and mass control.


"A positive boon for the cynical ‘been there, done that’ motorcyclist. It’s a powerful new reason to get out and ride...”

"Answers the question: where are we riding today?"




Select this alluring red skull-button to start

Biker Quest 


Biker Quest is an app-driven odyssey for motorcyclists that's taking bikelife to the next level. It's a quest for the epic and surreal. For charity and challenge. For growth and brother/sisterhood. It's the holy shit factor, compounded by the adventure two wheels and a motor between your legs can bring.



As you score points in this app-driven ARG you'll unlock more missions, and a host of the unexpected.

Uncensored, immersive events and experiences. Secret locations and local wonders. Spirit journeys and practical jokes. Biker Dates and quests to places like The Door to Hell.

You'll be asked to commit random acts of kindness. Like raising awareness for an anti-child trafficking charity (and using strippers to help you). Riding the streets dressed like a pirate--or like Santa while giving away toys to kids. Or supporting a motogypsy's ride through the rainforest to help endangered wildlife.

You'll also be competing for Dope Swag, including Biker Dope's Bullet Utility Pants - stunningly innovative water-resistant kevlar pants for bikers. These bad boys have over 26 functions including performance-enhancing thigh grips, a touch-sensitive phone pocket above your knee, a tire repair utility belt, resident zip ties and mini duc tape, a slingshot band, specialized pocket tools, dope micro tech, an award-winning CRKT knife, and a resident emergency power bank. Most importantly it's got a commemorative bullet that'll open your beer.

You in? Great. But before you start, there are a few things you should know. Your biker quest will be a commitment. ​It'll require gas, balls and compassion (in that order). And like most game-changers in life, it'll be worth it.


You [wo]man enough to play?


• ​Biker Quest is app-driven and free to download, so you can ride and perform missions whenever you want.

• Join or host rides on Facebook. or on our group texting app. Play alone, in teams or challenge other clubs.

• New missions added regularly.

• Invite your bingo group for the ride (just bring a defibrillator).

• Download the mission delivery app here to start playing in District 2 (NYC and beyond).