Fur Vest
Fur Vest

Fur Vest

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Keep yer cockles warm

As all-weather riders we've learned that rockin' a fur vest is that extra layer that makes a huge difference when it's really @#%!! cold outside (there's a reason why cavemen, Vikings and barbarians wore fur).

Most importantly, it adds an extra layer of biker badass from the outlaw days of yore of the 60s and 70s.

Please note this is not a biker-specific vest. It closes in the front with hooks and it doesn't have leather or armor. If you're looking for the only biker-specific furry vests in the market, you should be looking at Biker Dope's line of vintage outlaw vests.

If you plan on wearing this over your jacket (as we recommended). please order it at least two sizes larger than your regular US/European size.

Note that we only sell faux (synthetic) fur. Faux fur is just as warm, less expensive, requires less care and lasts longer. Plus, like the barbarians that we are, we've decided to only use fur if we've killed it ourselves. 

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