3 Megaton  R7 Semyorka Nuclear Missile
3 Megaton  R7 Semyorka Nuclear Missile
3 Megaton  R7 Semyorka Nuclear Missile
3 Megaton  R7 Semyorka Nuclear Missile

3 Megaton R7 Semyorka Nuclear Missile

Regular price$3,298,735.11
Spare Warhead?
Warranty & Service Plan?

You're guaranteed to have a blast

Have fun blowing shit up with this 3 megaton Soviet-era nuclear missile. 

With a 5,000-mile range, you can destroy a city, small country, or your in-laws' entire world from the comfort of your own home. Or just blackmail governments for cash, cheese or hard-to-find bike parts.

• Intercontinental ballistic delivery system included.
• Dishwasher safe, hypoallergenic, environmentally tested, Katya-recommended. 
• Honeytrap experience at KGB Strippers included with every purchase.
• See the blast radius and casualty estimates with this neat simulator (just enter 3000 in the kiloton yield).

Semyorka means "quality" in Russian

In the chaos that ensued the breakup of the USSR, a few of these puppies fell out the back of a truck and into our lap. Good times.

They come with a 2-day warranty, but you can also purchase a 15-year service plan (you're welcome).

We stand behind the quality of all our products. If it doesn't detonate then return it with proof of purchase. We'll replace it with the same warhead or another one of equal megatonage*.

*Supplies are limited--we reserve the right to replace your missile with a bag of sweet, juicy dog poo (Target bag included).

We'll spell it out for ya...no Virginia we're not actually selling a nuclear missile and this is a fucking joke.

If you're a dumbass, rich and/or generous enough to buy this then you're responsible for any transactional and other incidental costs associated with giving you your money back.



The other option is that you let us donate some or all of these monies to three charities we support:

Reform Alliance

Shared Hope Int'l

Biker Down



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